Thursday, April 24, 2014

DIY skirted table | no sew

I don't know about you guys, but when I start a project it's spur of the moment.  There's never a good time to start.  That's how this project was.  Sam was asleep, Izzy was deep into Frozen, and instead of using that precious time to clean up my trashed house I thought, "I'm gonna do this instead"!
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I started with the old buffet that was in the dining room in our last house.  I don't hate it, but it's missing a pull, and it felt out of place here.  I wanted something cleaner.
A piece of plywood, a drop cloth, and a few staples later I had this!

It ended up being a much simpler task than I expected.  I thought I was going to have to pull out the sewing machine at some point, but worked my way through without it.  Woop, woop to that!!!
Here's how you can create you own no sew skirted table:
STEP ONE:  Cut a piece of plywood to cover the top of your table.  This is if you don't want to staple directly to the table  or if you have a table that is curved, like mine. 
STEP TWO:  Cur a piece of drop cloth to cover the top and sides of your plywood.  Pull snug and staple to the bottom, not the sides.  You want the sides free of staples so you can staple the skirt in place later.

STEP THREE:  Cut the piece or pieces for your skirt.  To keep this a no sew project - use the drop cloth's existing hem as your skirt's hem.  Measure your drop and add on a couple of inches for stapling.  Kinda hard to see, but the photo below shows the existing hem. 
STEP FOUR:  I didn't document this one so I apologize.  I used my iron to press a fold for my exact drop measurement so it would be easier to line it up with the top of the plywood when stapling it in place.  If you want to add pleats to your skirt, measure out where you want your pleats to lie and press them into place with your iron.
STEP FIVE:  Start stapling your skirt onto the sides of the plywood top.  To keep it nice and crisp along the top, you can cut a strip of mounting board (or thick poster board) and place it between the underside of the fabric and the staples.
STEP SIX:  Flip your fabric down and enjoy!

TIP:  If you can't get enough width out of the piece of drop cloth to continuously go around the front and sides of your table, you can add in a new section by hiding it behind a pleat like I did on the left corner.  Once the front is folded back down, you can't tell a new section was started.

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You may have noticed I moved my stenciled mirror over from it's oldish spot next to the front door entry.  I wasn't completely in love with it there.  Which now leaves an empty spot by the door... It never ends!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

craving fruit trees

I hope you all had a fabulous Easter!  We did a little egg hunting before heading to church.  Afterwards we TOTALLY nailed the perfect Easter morning family photo...
Anywho, so over the past couple of days I have been obsessing over fruit trees.  It started when we ran into a guy selling different fruit trees at a farmer's market over the weekend.  Lemon (I'm thinking perfect to have on hand for my beer), lime (again perfect for my beer), blueberry, orange, etc.  I WANT.
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Not only do I want them to grow up and be nice and tasty, but I want them to help with privacy between our back fence and the side of the neighbor's house.  We have a privacy fence between us, but the entire side of their house is covered in windows and the fence only covers part of them.  I can't get these images of pleached trees out of my head.  They just might be the perfect solution along a fence.
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I want to know - do you guys have fruit trees in your yards?  What do you have?  And, has anyone tried to grow pleached trees before?  It seems like it could be a booger and I want to get your guys' thoughts before I get too excited about it.  Which is probably already too late.

Friday, April 18, 2014

black, white and gold easter eggs

Yesterday, Izzy and I did a little last minute Easter egg decorating.  Being that it was last minute, and because I've been completely obsessed with how they look, I busted out my trusty black Sharpie and a gold paint pen.
Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy!
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Izzy opted for her favorite art medium - watercolors.  Might I say they're as colorful and beautiful as she is :)
Miss thang also wanted to "style" her own photo and directed me to "stare hard" at the eggs :D
I couldn't help but share it, but... I don't want to leave you all with a crazy picture of me so I'm posting this one again!
Hope you all have a fabulous Easter!


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