drapes by the tub

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I've been dragging my feet a bit when it comes to addressing the window over our master bathroom's tub.  I slapped some privacy film on it the day we moved in, but that's all the attention it has received.  I thought my only option would be a roman shade since the tub butts right up to the window, but I don't love that idea.  I keep going back to regular drapes to help soften up the area.

I found all of these pretty inspiration pics of gorgeous drapes by the tub.

| via

| ? |

Aside from them all having gorgeous drapes next to the tub, they also have something else in common.  Freestanding tubs... which I don't.  Argh!!!!!  The freestanding tub was on my bathroom wish list when we built the house.  It got the red marker treatment in order to stay on budget since they were practically asking for our first born.  It's a good thing Izzy had been so sweet lately, or else I might have that tub.  I kid, I kid!!!

Here's the tub area:

Here's the Plan: 

  • Add drapes to tub window for softness
  • Add bamboo shade to mimic the shade on the other bathroom window
  • Remove towel bar on the wall next to the tub (I don't know why, but these drive me nuts)
  • Add art to wall where the towel bar was
I determined to make this long drape thing work.  We've use the tub once since we've been in this house so it's not like drapes are going to see a lot of water action.  And, Izzy doesn't use our tub so I don't have to worry about her busting out the Ariel-shimmy-up-the-ocean-rock-move from The Little Mermaid where water goes splashing everywhere :D

What are your thoughts?  Am I crazy?

water ballet

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I feel the need to give my little guy a major shout out for ditching the diapers and becoming a big boy!    I think it's safe to say Sam is potty trained!!!  Well I say that, but we're still wearing a diaper at night, and there is the occasional accident, but for the most part we're good ;)

| free printable potty charts found here |

Holy cow, I can't believe I'm even uttering those words. I thought potty training this kid was going to kill me.  No joke.  Mike could have easily come home from work one day and found me on the floor done in by the stress of Sam looking me square in the eyes while he unloaded everything in his system, yet again, onto the floor.

It's like he enjoyed hearing me scream NOOOOOO!!!! and running around like a crazy person.

| If you follow me on Instagram you know the funny back story to the goggles |

It was just so much more difficult training him than it was his sister.  I've always heard it was tougher with boys than girls, but I had no idea.  If they had a potty training camp, I would have sent him to it ;D


This little one had her first ballet and tap recital a few weeks back.

She had been practicing so hard.  It was a blast watching her on stage dancing her heart out and having fun!

I pray she wants to keep dancing.  Seeing her light up with pride after she got off stage was so cool.

I don't know about you, but for me there is nothing better than little girls in tutus and little boys in Justice League underpants.

ice cream party

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

This last Friday I partnered with Party Pail and threw a little ice cream party for no reason other than, "hey, let's get together and have ice cream".  It was at our neighborhood picnic area and afterwards the kids hit up the playground and splash pad.  It was nice.  No party games, birthday presents, etc.  Just fun.  I should do this more often.

Floats were the main attraction, but I knew some would probably be a little apprehensive about putting pop (or should I say soda since we're down here in the South :) on top of their ice cream, so I had some candy and cookie toppings out as well.  BTW, Nerds are insane on ice cream.  Just sayin'. 

To keep things simple, I pre-scooped vanilla ice cream into mason jars the day before and kept them in the freezer until the party.  The jars I used for this party are actually plastic, which was a perfect choice for a kid's party outside.  No worries about broken glass near little ones!  And the lids from my regular mason jars fit perfectly onto these plastic jars.

Ice cream is always messy so I went with plastic table cloths so they could be tossed afterwards.  The yellow striped table runner is just a full sized plastic table cloth folded up.  I taped some fringe I made from party streamers (you can see how I made them here) to the ends.  And just like that, your disposable runner options are now limitless!

Izzy chose to mix everything but the cookies into her root beer float.  It was like the ice cream float version of a gas station kamikaze, lol!

Sam would have nothing of having his picture taken.  I think he was afraid his ice cream would disappear if he looked away from it.

.........  Get The Look  .........

OTHER SOURCES // tiered tray . galvanized bucket //

Disclaimer: I partnered with Party Pail for this post.  I was provided with products of my choosing, but was not otherwise compensated.  All opinions are my own.


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